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Enter, retain & pay talent in emerging markets without compliance & setting up physical locations. We offer seamless EOR, Payroll & Recruitment Solutions.

Stand out at global payroll with these features

REMIRE has helped 50+ startups around the world find talent, manage offshore resources and grow globally

REMIRE is involved in building engineering teams for world’s largest tech companies including Careem, Emirates, Eitehad, S&P Global & many more.

The salary disbursement, cultural alignment, labor laws & equipment handling had been an issue which REMIRE resolved as acting employer of record.

REMIRE came into existence when hr ways went international with recruitment & the clients struggled for on-boarding resources globally.

Choose from a range of talent management options for staff that is sitting in our premises or working remotely

Companies all over the world trust REMIRE for employer of record services

Our software & people expertise makes managing contractors worldwide

Easy Payroll Processing

Bulk Pay your employees through single Invoice in different currencies & countries

Benefits & Equipment

Easy buy medical, gadgets, co-Spaces & more through REMIRE portal

Local Compliance

Skip local compliance, taxation & get legally covered when using REMIRE offered EOR

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Unmatched partners, mass outreach

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Making our mark in an AI driven era

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More from our group of companies

Manage seamless teams with our REMIRE software

Managed resources, designing and implementing the payroll services, and the hustle of financial resources are being handled by Remire

Pricing & Plans



  Independent Contractor Contracts

  Bulk Pay Payroll

  Multi-Currency Accounts for Employees

  Dedicated HR Support

  Legal Cover

  Cultural Activities



  Everything in $59

  Legal cover for contract breach

  Legal contracts for teams

  Reference Checks

  Government Declaration

  Tax compliance



  Everything in $99

  Onboarding & offboarding & compliance with policies

  Government declaration

  Regional extensive payroll & tax compliance

  Competitive benefits tailored to each country

  Supported by legal & HR Teams

300+ companies are hiring tech talent through REMIRE worldwide

REMIRE with its association has access to database of over 5 million developers & has a track record of finding & managing talent in different countries around the globe.

These are some tech stacks we hire for

At Remire, we hire remote software developers for a wide range of tech stacks. We can surely find the right fit for you!

Manage Seamless Teams with our REMIRE Software

Managed Resources, Designing and Implementing the Payroll services, and the hustle of Financial Resources are being handled by Remire

Why choose REMIRE

We’re the largest network of technology professionals. Trusted by 200+ companies around the world and managing resources for top notch product platforms.
Employees recruited through our recruitment services
Experts from payroll and tax departments are part of core REMIRE team
Companies trust REMIRE to manage offshore teams
Tech giants choose REMIRE to hire tech talent
Options to pay REMIRE in any currency
Saved by companies when they chose REMIRE for offshore teams

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