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Is he a right fit for our team? Find out before he joins.

At REMIRE, our dedicated team reaches out to Past Employers to verify employment status, duration, aptitude & attitude. Our process ensures you are hiring the right people.

1. Reference checks

We have dedicated team members and market penetration: combining which we reach to the past employers to verify pay slips, employment durations, growth and more that may help you make a decision to hire or not.

2. Criminal record check

We use third party mass databases to run checks on your potential employee’s involvement in any criminal activities or being booked on any charge.

3. Adverse media sanctioning

The Internet usually has something on people who are fishy. We run adverse media sanctioning to figure out his social media profiles and does he do things that identify as alarming to be included in your organization.

4. ID card verification

Our 3rd Party Verification Portal allows us to scan and confirm if the ID card is actually valid or a fake one.

Frequently Asked Questions

REMIRE can manage and Pay contractors all over the world. Your employee could be in any country and he can still receive payments via us.
REMIRE can provide office spaces in Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Brazil. More destinations are coming soon.
REMIRE charges are monthly making it easy for employers to decide, upgrade and switch between services utilized.

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