Our story

We’re trusted by technology & software companies all over the world for Talent Placements and Managed Resources.

REMIRE: A Brainchild of Founders with Proven Win in HR & Tech Industry through Multiple Successful Products

REMIRE is a Global Payroll Management company backed by HR Ways. HR Ways helps companies across the world hire Tech Talent. Later in 2021, it expanded to Managed Resources with its Product Wing REMIRE to help companies manage the talent offshore. Both the companies were collectively acquired in a Multi-Million Dollar acquisition by S4 Global which owns majority shares in the company and handles the technology for the group.

From Bootstrapped to Women Led: Everything that brought Limelight & Growth to the Group

The core team at start was led by Women Founders from HR & Tech background. Their combined expertise and alignment with the growth of Tech in Asia led to quick expansion of the group. Before expanding to REMIRE, HR Ways alone was able to hire 2500+ Engineers worldwide. Positive revenue streams & demand from worldwide led to inception of REMIRE backed by now-parent company S4 Digital which powered intel and expansion worldwide.

REMIRE growth in a timeline

2017: The founders met with the idea
of HR Tech Product - HR Ways
2018: First few positions closed:
HR Ways got a mini physical office
2019: 100+ Positions closed: HR Ways moved
to a bigger place & gained its first
International clientele
2020: COVID hit: HR Ways went Remote:
Started Hiring Remotely for all over the
world. International Revenue took over.
2021: When COVID restricted companies
to relocate employees abroad - REMIRE
incepted. REMIRE helped clients hire and
manage resources locally
2022: HR Ways continued to grow. REMIRE
gained more international traction. S4
Met with HR Ways founders in Asia
Delivery center.
2023: A quick round of negotiations
and the REMIRE team get acquired by S4
Global in a Multi-Million deal.
Fast Forward 2023
Fast Forward 2023: S4 expanded REMIRE
in 5 major Countries of the world