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Contractors & EOR

Unlock global talent with the world’s top rated Employer of Record. Our EoR solutions facilitate worldwide workforce expansion without the need for legal establishment. Let us handle compliance, payroll, equipment, workspace & more while you focus on business growth.

1. Hire as contractor or employer of record

Explore through our models of employment to see what’s the catch for you: a good price or a good legal cover? We’ve got the market's most competitive employment options around to choose from anywhere in the world.

2. Bulk pay payroll - Anywhere in the world

Bulk Pay us the Payroll using 10+ payment methods. We help your employees open accounts and receive salaries worldwide in multi-currency and same day.

3. Just like your offshore office

Workspace, Equipment & Everything Sorted With REMIRE - you get the ease to hire remotely or place your resources at a physical office for full and hybrid working modes. We also arrange equipment for your resources such as laptops, mobiles, keyboards and more.

4. Benefits & more

REMIRE benefits list is unbeatable. Name us anything from Medical Insurances to Employee wellbeing initiatives like gym and spas to Employer branding aspects like welcome onboarding & birthday cakes - REMIRE got it covered. Choose from our list of benefits and curate a competitive & hassle free experience for employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

REMIRE can manage and Pay contractors all over the world. Your employee could be in any country and he can still receive payments via us.
REMIRE can provide office spaces in Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Brazil. More destinations are coming soon.
REMIRE charges are monthly making it easy for employers to decide, upgrade and switch between services utilized.

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