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REMIRE is recruitment partner to 300+ companies

REMIRE is a leading product company along with our partner HR Ways, a Tech Recruitment Giant. The group is a partner to 300+ Tech companies in the world & have access to a Database of over 5 Million Developers in Pakistan, India, MiddleEast, US, Europe & rest of the world.. REMIRE is involved in building Engineering Teams for the world’s largest Tech companies including Careem, Emirates, Etihad, S&P Global, Autoleap, W1tty, Axya, Small World & many more.

1. Risk free recruitment

REMIRE’s Recruitment services are risk free. Don’t need to Pay us anything until our candidate joins you. No Advance Charges. No Hidden Fees. No Added Taxes or VAT. No Pre-Payments. Welcome to the Risk-Free Recruitment Era.

2. Free of cost replacement

Don’t find a candidate productive or Fit within the Probation Period? REMIRE allows you to claim a free of Cost Replacement if Talent leaves or is found unfit within 90 days of his employment.

3. Pre-screened batch

Our Tech Recruiters provide you with a batch of candidates in 3 working days only. This batch comes with details of their current expected salaries, notice period, Key projects, communication ratings and a lot more. Our success rate for you finding a talent from 2 of our batches is 90%.

4. Tech expertise

We’re Tech Recruitment Partners to World’s Most Prolific Startups, Tech Giants & Silicon Valley Startups. Our Expertise in Tech Recruitment & Regional Outsourcing has made us Number one Choice in US, MENA Region, LATAM, & Asia for Talent Placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

REMIRE can manage and Pay contractors all over the world. Your employee could be in any country and he can still receive payments via us.
REMIRE can provide office spaces in Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Brazil. More destinations are coming soon.
REMIRE charges are monthly making it easy for employers to decide, upgrade and switch between services utilized.

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