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REMIRE has a range of talent management options for staff that are sitting in our premises or working remotely

Choose From Convenient Offshore Office Modes

1. Remire inhouse capacity

Remire has inhouse sitting capacity in Asia, LATAM, Europe and UAE for you to place talent in our physical office.

2. Coworking spaces

Remire's co-working space vendors are budget friendly and available in all major cities around the world.

3. Make it remote

Go remote with effective team management tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

REMIRE can manage and Pay contractors all over the world. Your employee could be in any country and he can still receive payments via us.
REMIRE can provide office spaces in Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Brazil. More destinations are coming soon.
REMIRE charges are monthly making it easy for employers to decide, upgrade and switch between services utilized.

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